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Real Estate in Crete Greece

Sell a Property in Greece Fast: A Real Estate Guide for Greece

Sell a Property in Greece Fast: Real Estate in Greece

Selling your Property Fast? The Real Estate market abroad as well as in Greece is a “delicate” issue that concerns most buyers and sellers. It is not easy to sell a property at the perfect price, in any area and at any time. Each season and region has its own peculiarities. Price is the main factor that will determine the period of time your property is sold.


Below are 3 basic tips for a direct sale of your property.


"Your Success is Real’s Mission"


1. The first impression is vital, in order an apartment or an old building, to be commercial.

  • Be sure to give the property an attractive profile. Clean it up before a potential buyer visits it,
  • Ventilate the spaces,
  • Repair moisture issues,
  • Make some minor repairs (painting the walls or changing frames),
  • Lighten the room as much as possible,

(In the case of an unconstructed plot make sure to carry out a basic landscape and clean the area)

2. Make sure you have all the right and necessary documents.

  • Contact a civil engineer to check for any illegal parts of your property, in order to issue the Certificate of Legality. This certificate is an essential document for the transfer of ownership of the property.
  • Collect all the necessary papers that accompany the property. (Contracts, Building Licenses with all floor plans and the necessary documents from the Public Property registration office). These are necessary documents for the sale of an apartment, house or plot. The sale of a plot requires extra certificates such as a certificate from archeology, a certificate from the forestry department and from the local municipality.

3. Assign your property to an experienced Real Estate Broker.

The Real Estate industry is a highly competitive and specialized industry, requiring a particular management, knowledge and market know-how. It needs experience and ability to promote and advertise the property. It also requires organization and the necessary public relations.


Trust an experienced real estate agent who knows the Greek Real Estate market and the buyer’s requirements. The broker will evaluate and propose to you, a fair value of your property to sell it quickly and reliably. Lastly, the most important thing is, that he will evaluate and propose you, a fair value of your property to sell it quickly and reliably.


Having the right and attractive “profile” for your property, possessing all the necessary documents about it and having contacted an experienced real estate broker, will boost your potential to sell it.


Source: tractus.gr




Properties for Sale in Greece F.A.Q.s:


What is the average price of a house in Greece?

In 2016 a 100sqm apartment in Greece cost 92,200 € on average or 922 €/sq. m., while outside urban areas the average price of a house of the same size stood at 67,000 euros (670 €/sq. m)


What is the Greek Golden visa?

Greece Golden Visa Program. The Greece Golden Visa Program is considered one of the most affordable residence-by-investment programs that provide access to Europe. Successful applicants and their families are able to benefit from visa-free access to Europe's Schengen Area within two months of applying.


How do you get residency in Greece?

First, you have to obtain a long-stay visa from the Greek embassy or consulate in your country of origin in order to stay for longer than 90 days in the country. When you arrive in Greece you will have to apply for a residence permit (Άδεια Παραμονής / Adia Paramonis) at the nearest Aliens' Bureau within two months.


How much is property tax in Greece?

According to Greek Law 3091/2002, legal entities in general, that have full property rights or bare ownership or usufruct property in Greece, are liable to pay a yearly special property tax at the rate of 15% of the properties' total value.


Can foreigners own property in Greece?

Yes, anyone can freely purchase property in Greece, while there are a few restrictions for non-EU nationals.


Is living in Greece expensive?

Greece has one of the lowest costs of living in the EU, although cities such as Athens are generally more expensive than the rest of the country.


Is Greece a good place to retire?

Yes, Greece is one of the best countries to retire. There are a lot of great reasons. The climate, the sea, the nature and the low cost of living are some of the reasons to retire there. Also, the people are friendly and you will feel always welcome to their place.


What is the best place to live in Greece?

There are a lot of places that you can choose, but Crete could be the best place on the earth because this big and beautiful island is for every age, for every purse, for all tastes and preferences. An island with tradition and rich folk heritage. If you are looking on your vacation for a terrestrial paradise for winter & summer then you are in the right place. A place that is famous for the warmth and hospitality. Local tastes and local unique products are what every visitor earns. Snow-covered mountains, endless beaches, blue sea and romantic walks on the golden sandy beach with the moonlight is some of the features that make Crete one of the top travel destinations. Life is safer on the island and the cost of living in Greece is lower than in the rest European Union.

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