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tractus logo 04 240pxTractus Properties and Engineering is a well-established firm, acting mainly in Crete and being based in Rethymno, Crete, Greece. Specialized employees successfully match their studies, gained from their attendance in European first- class Universities (London- Imperial College, Italy – Universitadeglistudi di Firenze, Greece – Technical University of Patras) along with their long working experience.

Our specialized staff will create a profile with the client’s requirements, to identify potential properties that might meet his needs and either proceed with it, if it makes the perfect match or strongly reject it, if it doesn’t.

Tractus offers a wide range of services, covering every aspect around the area of properties and construction, from the first step of locating the property until the final stage of delivering a completed project. Tractus is much more than just a real estate firm. Our aim goes a lot beyond from just selling properties to earn profit, we target to transform properties to dream houses or lucrative investments. We are effectively combining 2 worlds – that of the construction-engineering and that of the real estate- in an attempt to differentiate and offer unique services.

Using the expertise that derives from the construction field, Tractus reduces the risks and potential problems for anyone who wants to make an investment in Greece, either for business or for leisure. A real estate firm has the sole aim of selling the property, while an engineering firm can also offer valuable advice around construction legislation and building regulations and ensure that the buyer will not face implementation issues, during the construction phase. And this is a combined service that Tractus company can offer to her clients.

Tractus is dedicated to provide high quality end-to-end services in the properties and construction industry.
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Our specialized staff will create a profile with the client’s requirements, to identify potential properties that might meet his needs and either proceed with it, if it makes the perfect match or strongly reject it, if it doesn’t.

For each project, a detailed consulting study combining the personal preferences and specific needs of each client along with the experience and knowledge of Tractus team is being carried out, taking into consideration a number of important factors that will lead to a final result, which will completely satisfy the client but will also meet the high level of Tractus projects. We are highly confident that we can implement projects of high complexity, ranging from luxurious villas to special buildings. Our portfolio proves our competence to a large scale of construction and real estate projects.

Customers satisfaction, is – among others - being proved, by the fact that more than half of the new clientele comes from recommendations of previous, satisfied customers.

Team Tractus

A Team of Highly Skilled Professionals

Yiannis Tsoupakis
I have studied Civil Engineering in the UK and I was awarded with a Bachelor Degree from Birmingham University and an MSc Degree from Imperial College London. After having involved in various demanding construction projects, both public and private, I ended up that I verge more to the residential projects and developments sector, that is characterized by exceptional design and unique quality.
Yiannis TsoupakisCivil Engineer, Manager
Anna Corre
My country of origin is France and I have a degree at agricultural school in Bordeaux. I moved in marvelous Crete permanently in 1992 and since then, I have been involved in many jobs which assist me to provide property consultation, especially on the economical and feasibility aspects of development.
Anna CorreProperties Consultant
Alexandros Orfanoudakis
I have studied Mechanical Engineering in Technical University of Patras Greece and I currently attending an MSc Degree in Construction Management. I am experienced in a large variety of mechanical engineering issues, relevant to building design. All buildings we design are according to the new legislation for their energy efficiency.
Alexandros OrfanoudakisMechanical Engineer, Manager
Michalis Tsoupakis
I have a degree in Public Finance at Panteion University of Athens and I was awarded in 2004 an MSc Degree in Investments from the University of Birmingham, UK. I have been providing accounting and financial services to a variety of companies in the Crete, including ones in the construction industry.
Michalis TsoupakisAccountant, Financial Advisor
Spiros Kitas
Graduated in Architecture from the Architectural School of the University of Florence (Italy), with a dissertation on the traditional Cretan Architecture. I have worked for the Greek Ministry of Public Works, supervising the construction of the University of Ioannina, as well as for the Swedish ‘Skanska Cemensuteriet’ for the construction of the University Hospital of Ioannina.
Spiros KitasArchitect
Alexander Andrielis
I live in Crete since 2008 and my country of origin is Germany. I have long experience in the properties/residential development sector, since I have completed many residential projects in Germany as a developer. Since moving to Crete with my family, I am involved in the construction and property sector through own and other clients property developments.
Alexander AndrielisProperties Consultant


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